In Convergence, Our HR Practitioners Possess Vast Experience and Comprehensive Abilities To Support Laborious End To End People Management Processes In Your Company

By working closely with our clients, we will design the most effective operation system to enhance your productivity

Our areas of excellence include the following :

Take your company to the top with the best talent in the market

We implement an effective and thorough strategy to provide exceptional recruitment solutions in the midst of current talent shortage and a competitive recruitment market.

Save your valuable time and money as our professional team will help you recruit the right talent in a timely, cost-effective manner. Interested?

Create and manage your contract in the right manner to minimize unnecessary compliance risk

Our contract management service combines HR Practitioners, legal professionals, and automated contract management framework to craft and manage a solid contract that will bring the maximum benefits for your company.

We can handle both PKWT and Employee administration Interested?

We will help you reduce the risk of exposure and get a more affordable way to efficiently manage your payroll system

While managing the payroll process seems easy, it can be a daunting task when there are lot of issues and a large number of employess. For most companies, payroll outsourcing can be an attractive choice. Business can focus on their core business when our team will ensure the smooth process of your payroll management

From managing basic salary, BPJS, THR, incentive, our multidisciplinary team will tailor the best payroll solutions that will minimize inessential expenditure while still in compliance with the latest tax regulations. Interested?

We will eloquently streamline your daily operation, improve your bottom line, and help you achieve the next frontier of business goals.

A seamless operation system is a vital component to boost up your business productiovity, most companies still focus on laborious daily operations and forget to promote their business to the next level

We have expertise in a wide range of operations management. Some of them are :
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