Outbound Call Center

Our agents have extensive experience to convey the right message for different types of customers and help you achieve internal KPIs and Goals.


We have expertise in a wide range of outbound call centers. Some of our key services include, but are not limited to the following: 

Appointment Setting 


With an experienced team of agents we can schedule appointments for your sales team.

Loan Collection

Our skilled representatives can work quickly and effectively to collect non-performing loans, ensuring that your company’s cash flow is uninterrupted.

Lapsed Customer Activation 

Assisting your lead generation efforts by reactivating inactive clients.


Generate upselling opportunities, new appointments, or even callbacks for prospects that have registered interest to help move them through the customer-acquisition journey.

Convergence provides the best outbound solutions to improve your business by not only providing agent personnel but also a place and network system as well as database utilization according to your company’s needs for more effective business processes.

We offer 4 solutions to increase your income and create customer satisfaction and loyalty, namely Telemarketing, Tele-reminder, Tele-retention and Tele-collection.


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