When Outbound Calls can significantly increase your sales and grow your business rather than scaring your customer away.

Outbound Calls can be a daunting task for both beginners and profesisionals. If it is handled wrong, it can permanently damage your brand.
Our agents have extensive experience to convey the right message for different types of customers and help you achieve internal KPIs and Goals.We have expertise in a wide range of outbound call center. Some of our key services include, but are not limited to the following :


Our telemarketing service can help you generate massive sales and profits in the right manner without damage your brand reputations. We will provide quality leads and thrive for the highest hit rate.

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Converge Telereminder is the most cost-effective and quick way to automatically reach large customer bases, remind their schedule, or collect overdue payment.

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Keep your cash-flow smooth and constant with our telecollection service. We thoroughly analyze your customer behavior and craft the best strategy to succesfully collect overdue payments. Until this time, we have achieved a 99% Payment Rate for our Desk Collection service.

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Our agents master a persuasive and empathetic approach to retain unhappy customers with a better offer and increase sales revenue from potential customers. We dedicate to minimize your Customer Defection Rate (CDR) and keep a high Customer Retention Rate (CRR) for a long-term.

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